Nimbus® Microfine® Toothbrush – COMPACT size, Pkg. of 5 “Colors Vary”

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The Nimbus® Microfine® has two states of soft bristles: long-tapered extra fine bristles to reach into those critical areas with the required softness and effectiveness – coupled with shorter, fine support bristles to enhance optimum plaque removal. Microfine® toothbrushes use a multi-tufted, soft bristle technology mounted on a comfort-engineered handle. Long tapered and short end rounded extra-fine, flexible bristles clean the hard to reach places; gently and effectively. The Nimbus® Microfine® has been tested and evaluated by dental professionals. The result is the best brush you or your patients will ever use. The 5 pack comes in assorted colors. Nimbus® is a registered trademark of Periscope Enterprises, Inc.

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