Nicefeel® Oral Irrigator Water Flosser UV Sterilizer 1000ml High-volume Reservoir with Lid Covered FC 188

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Nicefeel Oral Irrigator-makes your mouth feel nice.

– Without UV disinfection.
– Coil hose is too fragile to longtime using.
– Water storage capacity is too small to fulfill a single cleaning.

Why Nicefeel Oral Irrigator?
– With UV disinfection, really resolve the Tips of Oral Irrigator could not be cleaned totally caused by breeding bacteria while several times using.
– Utilizing the performance of UV-C light which can destroy DNA and thereby prevent microbes from reproducing.
– Adopt High Toughness Coil Hose to avoid blowing when using high-strength water pressure.
– 1000ml oversized capacity minimizes a good deal of trouble for repeating adding water.
– 10 water pulsations are customized for a more comfortable using experience. The highest water pressure could be adjusted up to 125PSI and with 1,600 pluses/minute.
– IPX7 Class Waterproof with deep water seepage control technology. Can be used normally even all wet.

1.Does the UV sanitizer really work?
1)Up to 99.9% more effective for eliminating bacteria and virus on tips.
2)Just 15 minutes each time for cleaning your tips after every use.

2. Exposure to UV-C light will cause skin and eye damage?
1) UV-C light will not pass through the door with Dull Polish for preventing skin and eye damage.
2) The UV-C light will be turned off automatically to prevent the user from being hurt.
3) Please do not look directly at UV-C light.

3. Clinically Proven Reports Show that,
1) Up to 98% more efficient for cleaning in-between teeth & below the gumline.
2) For people with fetid breath, decayed teeth, dental plaque, toothache, braces etc.

4.Anti-skid Design on Base-avoid knocking the body off caused by stretching the hose.

1 year warranty(non-human factors problem).

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