1 Pack Orabrush Tongue Cleaner Scraper

Why Orabrush? Up to 90% of bad breath comes from the tongue and everyone has some degree of bad breath. There are many tongue cleaner choices. Orabrush is the only one that will clean deep into the soft crevices of the tongue to pull out the bad-breath causing bacteria. This bacteria can often be seen as "white stuff", especially on the back of the tongue 2 reasons why A toothbrush will not effectively clean the tongue. The toothbrush bristles will only remove the top portion of bacteria that lie on the surface of the tongue. In fact, cleaning the tongue this way actually stimulates the bacteria in the deep indentations of the tongue to begin growing again. The stiff toothbrush bristles may also injure the soft tissue of the tongue surface. The tongue scraper will remove the top portion of the bacteria on the tongue and will not clean out the deep indentations of the tongue. This bacteria will grow again. Some scrapers are stiff and can injure the soft tissues of the tongue. but with the orabrush…… Orabrush is both a brush and a scraper. It has individual, soft, pointed, flexible bristles that clean out the small crevices and indentations on the soft surface of the tongue. Orabrush bristles loosen the bacteria and bacterial waste (often seen as "white stuff") and the scraper then removes this material from the mouth.

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